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Clean Room Corridor



This is a main clean room corridor. You can go to the left or to the right or enter some of the doors.

The corridor connects all rooms. You can select to visit the following rooms:

  1. Corridor 13.  Hybridisering
  2.  Gowning room 14.  ATP
  3.  APL Centura 15.Plasma III/V
  4.  Gul 3 16. Metal III/V
  5.  Q-etch 17.  Gul 1
  6.  Wet chemistry 18. Anneal
  7.  Epi III/V 19.Furnace
  8.  Mozart 20. Furnace-service
  9.  Disco saw 21. Si-met
10. APL -gul 22.
11. APL-analys 23.
12. APL- SiC 24.

Or you can visit the Facility area.

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2010-03-31 Per Wehlin