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Niclas Lindvall

     Niclas Lindvall

Senior Research Engineer with competence in electron-beam lithography, laser writer lithography, stepper lithography, and graphene CVD. Additional areas of responsibility include ion beam etching, PPMS electric characterisation, and scanning probe microscopy.

Tel: +46 31 772 16 27

Mobile: +46 72 1807245

List of tools where Niclas Lindvall is tool responsible

 NameTypeTool IdLab
DetailsDry etch RIBE - Oxford Ionfab 300RIBE etch412Chalmers
DetailsDry etch IBE - Oxford Ionfab 300CAIBE etch417Chalmers
DetailsSPM - Bruker Dimension 3100Scanning Probe Microscope132Chalmers
DetailsSPM - Bruker Dimension ICONScanning Probe Microscope134Chalmers
DetailsDry etch IBE - Oxford Ionfab 300 PlusCAIBE etch416Chalmers
DetailsPPMS - Quantum Design 122Chalmers
DetailsEBL - Raith EBPG 5200 215Chalmers
DetailsMicroscope Automatic - Nikon L200ND 124Chalmers
DetailsChip scanner - Raith 119Chalmers