Individual User Access

User access enables you to perform your own research and development work in the high-end cleanroom facilities within the Myfab infrastructure. The service is available for academic researchers as well as industry professionals and grants access to a truly creative and innovative environment. Education and training related to the available tools and processes can be provided by experts associated to the laboratories. Current rates are presented here.

This is a brief description of the steps required to work independently in our cleanroom facilities. Specific details may differ between the sites and the local procedure should be followed when you have made your choice of laboratory.

Select your base lab

Select the Myfab site that is geographically and technologically most suitable for your work. Information on this web site and discussions with the lab staff will guide your decision. All users have a base lab but all Myfab resources are available through the infrastructure. 

Apply for access

Individual users can apply for access through the electronic application form at Myfab LIMS, the Laboratory Information Management System (ChalmersKTH/AcreoUppsala UniversityLund University).

Learn how to use the lab

The lab introduction covers safety, cleanroom behaviour and practical matters such as how to use Myfab LIMS for booking, logging and exchanging information. You must also undergo training to obtain operator’s licences for the tools you plan to use.

Get to work!

Once you have obtained the driver’s licences you need, you can book the tools in Myfab LIMS and use them to run your project under the same conditions as all other users in the lab.