Myfab Free Access


Call for Proposal

Myfab invites you to a new program, offering FREE access to our cleanroom nanotechnology facilities. The aim is to give new user groups practical experience of Myfab. Interested users should present a project proposal. Applicants must hold a position at a Swedish university/institute or SME, and should not have any previous experience of micro-nanofabrication at Myfab.

Access will be granted depending on the evaluation of the proposal. The program offers FREE access to the Myfab infrastructures for new user groups with a long-term interest, for their first project. Granted projects will receive FREE access including both equipment usage for fabrication and analysis, as well as training services from site staff, and scientific support in realizing their "nano visions". Standard material is included to some extent. The user’s travel expenses and accommodation costs associated with visits are also covered. 

Myfab Access offers a "fast track mode" for new users to experience the possibility of a long term future cooperation with Myfab. Inexperienced users will be trained in cleanroom work, cleanroom safety and cleanroom technologies, to operate both basic and advanced equipment for fabrication and analysis. The handling of the project proposal will be simple, easy and fast. The proposals will be evaluated by the Myfab Access Selection Panel, who will present their decision (granted or not) always within 4 weeks, but often much earlier.  Each applicant must have their own resources/staff available for hands-on cleanroom work. The outcome of the proposed work should be scientifically motivated or expected to have a significant value for non-academic users. 

Full program description

We look forward to receiving your proposal here at Myfab!

Thomas Swahn,
Director Myfab