Myfab Lund aiming for Science Village

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Luke Hankin
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A lab where you can “craft” new materials on the atomic level, bringing together cross-disciplinary scientists to produce nanomaterials and semiconductor components. A neighborhood with major research infrastructures, complementary to each other. And most important: an open environment where academia, industry, and society can meet and collaborate, finding solutions for a sustainable world. Intriguing things are in the pipeline for nanoscientists in Lund.

“Nanotechnology and nanoscience are essential to face global challenges and achieve a sustainable world. We are already working on this, but we are bursting at the seams. In order for researchers and industry to work together to solve the problems of the future, we need to be able to offer hands-on training to our students for tomorrow’s business. Integrating research, education, and nanolab activities in Science Village is an ideal way to do this,” says Anders Mikkelsen, NanoLund’s director.

Original article: https://www.nano.lu.se/facilities/lund-nano-lab/lund-nano-lab-aiming-science-village