New Wallenberg Scholars at Myfab Lund

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Luke Hankin
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Heiner Linke: The building blocks of life

Proteins are the building blocks of life. Some proteins play an important role in converting energy into motion – and can therefore also be described as nature's smallest engines. Learning to build using protein molecules has long been a dream of scientists. Heiner Linke recently came one step closer to this goal, and as a Wallenberg Scholar, he wants to go even further.

Vanya Darakchieva: Environment-friendly semiconductor materials

Semiconductor materials are central to many key technologies that enable the development of our society, such as communications, computer memory, computing power, and energy production and distribution. As a Wallenberg Scholar, Vanya Darakchieva, Professor of Semiconductor Materials, wants to create new, environmentally friendly semiconductor materials for a sustainable society.

Full article: https://www.nano.lu.se/article/new-wallenberg-scholars