Myfab has a leading role in the European Chips Act

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Luke Hankin

Reporting by Myfab Lund 

Many in Europe have been eagerly awaiting the results of the first calls in the European Chips Act for pilot lines, with the aim is to enhance existing and develop new advanced pilot lines across the Union to enable development and deployment of cutting-edge semiconductor technologies and next-generation semiconductor technologies. 

Also, we in NanoLund have our stake in the call, and have together with Swedish partners at Linköping, Chalmers and KTH been invited to be part of a pilot line for Wide Bandgap materials. We were very happy when the Chips JU announced that the Public Authorities Board approved all four pilot line proposals.For Lund University and LTH, the Faculty of Engineering this means an important piece in the puzzle of a strategic initiative within the semiconductor area.  

Lund University and Vanya Darakchieva will lead the Workpackage on III- N radiofrequency and power device technologies of the Wide Bandgap pilotline and will contribute with a total effort of more the 8 M€ over 5 years.  

Full article at Myfab Lund here: https://www.nano.lu.se/article/nanolund-and-lund-nano-lab-has-leading-role-european-chips-act