2DSPIN-TECH: a game changer for future computer memory

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Peter Modh
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By harnessing the features of several new two-dimensional quantum materials, researchers within the EU project 2DSPIN-TECH wish to pave the way for significantly faster and more energy-efficient computer memories. “This is crucial for the future use of information technology," says Saroj Dash, coordinator of 2DSPIN-TECH.

Last week, the kickoff event took place for the newly launched EU Horizon project 2DSPIN-TECH, which, with seven partners and €4 million in funding, aims to contribute to the development of next-generation memory technologies. The project spans three years and is conducted within the framework of the EU’s Graphene Flagship, a multibillion-dollar initiative launched over a decade ago to stimulate research and innovation in graphene and other two-dimensional materials.