Launch of WiTECH - A milestone for wireless and semiconductor innovation

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Peter Modh
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WiTECH, Wireless Infrastructure Technology at Chalmers, organises a full day for its partners to present research projects and discuss long-term strategy for the centre.  The newly established WiTECH competence centre, hosted by the Department of Electrical Engineering (E2) in close collaboration with the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2), intends to be a key player in creating a sustainable future by:

- Developing next generation of robust and trustworthy wireless communication and sensor systems (e.g., the sixth-generation wireless telecommunication 6G); and
- Sustainable, energy-efficient semi-conductor components and processes.

The first physical event brough together the entire WiTECH centre consortium with nearly 100 participants from 17 partners, including Ericsson, SAAB, Volvo Cars, Gapwaves, Gotmic, Icomera, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Kongsberg, Low Noise Factory, AAC Clyde Space Omnisys, Qamcom, RISE, Satcube, UMS, UniqueSec, Virginia Diodes, and Chalmers. Students at Chalmers and Vinnova representative also attended this event.

At the event multiple operational and research activities were finalized that are necessary to set the course for a successful collaboration. The leading representatives of all 17 partners gathered to start the collaboration.